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Prep Your Bike for Cyclocross Racing! [3 Goodies]

Are you gearing up for all the Rochester-local cyclocross races? Here’s a checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

Head→ Bike Helmets  

Kali MAYA Bike Helmet Rochester NY

Bike Shop Rochester NY

Kali Protectives’ Bike Helmets features Kali’s Composite Fusion Plus technology, which is a cone-shaped multi-density EPS foam that eases the blow of riding impact. It’s the lowest density foam Kali has ever put in a helmet. Their helmet also features a flexible visor that is very durable. It includes a antimicrobial liner with bug netting and the capability to hook up a light or POV camera so you can film while you race.

Hands→ Cycling Mitts

Cycling Mitts Rochester NY

Cycling Mitts Rochester NY

Gain a stronger grip on your bicycle during those twisted cyclocross routes with our line of high-end cycling mitts. Endura’s Hyperon Mitt is a light weight, light padding cycling mitt. It features excellent ventilation thanks to a stretch mesh backhand with mesh panels. It has a strapless cuff, and perforated gel palm for low-bulk grip. These mitts are made using:

  • Polyester (40%)
  • Nylon (35%)
  • PU (15%)
  • Elastane (10%)

Endura’s FS260-Pro Aerogel Mitt II is a cycling mitt that will help you better grip your bike without overheating your hand. It features silicone finger and palm prints, gel padding, and perforations for optimum air flow. The materials used to construct the mitts include:

  • PU (46%)
  • Polyester (35%)
  • Nylon (15%)
  • Elastane (4%)

Bike→ Cleaners

Bicycle Cleaner Rochester NY

Bicycle Cleaner Rochester NY

Bike Wash

Your bike will need a good wash after a dirty cyclocross race. WD-40 Bike Foaming Wash removes grease and grime from your bicycle with foamy suds. This product is biodegradable and safe for multiple types of bike frames, including: carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, steel, chrome, rubber, or plastic.

Chain Lubricant

Chain-L High-Mileage Bicycle Chain Lube is a mixture of extreme pressure lubricants and a strong mineral oil base. The blend offers maximum lubrication to the small bearings on a bicycle chain. It also prevents rust and chain issues caused by cycling in wet-weather. White Lightning Clean Ride Lubricant is a wax-based lubricant that will self-clean your bicycle after application. The dirtier your ride, the more this lube performs its shedding action – keeping your bicycle clean while you ride. This is especially desirable for best performance during a bike race.

Contact our bike shop to order your cyclocross accessories. We’d love to help you prepare for your race!→ (585) 218-4110


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