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3 Reasons to Get a Fatbike in Any Season, At Any Age

Salsa Cycles Fatbike Demo Rochester NYOur recent fatbike demo with Salsa Cycles has answered the question as to why fatbiking has blown up over the past two years. That answer is ACCESSIBILITY. If you were part of the Rochester biking community that visited our shop this month to test out Salsa’s fatbike selection (including: Bucksaw, Blackborow, Mukluk, Beargrease) you might’ve discovered 3 chief characteristics that make fatbikes so accessible. If you couldn’t make it, we’ve recorded them for you below!:

1. Year-Round Cycling

Fatbikes enable cyclers to satisfy their desire to ride all year long, no matter where they live. In the past, fatbikes were called snowbikes. It didn’t take too long for cyclists to realize that they aren’t just limited to snow. The fat width of the tire (most ≈ 4-5 inches) provides better traction than traditional bicycles on beach-like terrain like deep, or loose sand. They’re also great at handling rocky trails and pebble-filled shorelines. Fatbikes create access to diversity in trails and conditions!

2. Older Cyclers to Younger Cyclers

Do you avoid cycling because of back problems, or Fatbikes Rochester NYwrist problems? The pain of arthritis can dissuade cyclers from partaking in offroad adventures. The good news is fatbikes offer the potential for increased shock absorption (even more than full-suspension mountain bikes). If you’ve read our previous post, you’d already know that even in rigid models, fatbikes have built-in suspension due to the low PSI in their tires. Other ways to increase shock absorption include fine-tuning the tire pressure, suspension, handlebar & seat height, the grip, and fit of the frame. Junior models are also being made since children younger than 10-12 years of age might not be tall enough to hop on traditional fatbikes. These bikes are utility-oriented, and are made for the masses!

3. Winter Cycling Accessories

Not convinced that riding your fatbike in the winter Heated Handle Bar Rochester NYis worth it? Maybe that’s because you don’t realize all the accessories available to keep you warm and comfortable riding in subzero temps. Rochester Fitness & Cycling is loaded with fatbike accessories that are specifically designed for winter riding – including: balaclavas, heated handlebar kits, gaiters, and much more! (Check out our pick for today’s top 3 winter cycling accessories).

When fatbikes first got hot about 2 years ago, they were typically the 4th or 5th bike a cycler might purchase. Today, fatbikes are getting to be a cycler’s first bike – which is pretty awesome.

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