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Yoga: The Study of Focus and Purpose

Yoga requires more than the right books, DVDs, equipment, and quiet spot in the house or gym. It requires a sense of purpose and focus. Yoga is a means of exercise that benefits both the body and mind. It isn’t something you can successfully learn by going through the motions.

Breathing is a key component of yoga. You have to learn to relax and inhale deeply. This sets a pace for your body. It helps your muscles relax as you move from pose to pose. It also helps calm the mind and keep you in the moment. When you are breathing deep and feeling each muscle take on a pose you never thought you could do, you can’t be thinking of your grocery list or what you haven’t done for work.

When you are in a certain pose, you have to truly be in that pose. It may be tempting to doubt your ability or progress, as we do in all areas of life. However, yoga is an independent endeavor and you can’t judge your success rate based on what others can do. Quelling doubts and giving yourself credit for what you are able to do is half the battle toward calming your mind while doing yoga.

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